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Three Piece Suit Production Company

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Larry Schara
Larry Schara
Betty Bleu
Betty Bleu
Mark Anthony Hebert
Mark Anthony Hebert
Mark Anthony Hebert
Mark Anthony Hebert


Mark Anthony Hebert
Mark Anthony Hebert



Larry Schara reviews Buddy Guy’s double CD release for The Chicago Blues Guide. CLICK HERE to read the review.

Larry Schara reviews JW Jones, Belmont Boulevard

~~ October 18, 2013 Larry Schara’s Facebook Post ~~
“It’s Chuck Berry’s birthday !! In the early 90’s I was building a recording studio for Chuck in St. Louis. He wanted to go to Chicago to look at a console so he said “Road Trip”. We hopped in his car and drove to Chicago and the whole time he was telling me stories about his early days in the business. One of the most amazing 5 hours I’ve ever spent.”

Ryan Chiaverini created a wonderful new song and music video called “Chicago.”  It is very fun and pays homage to the city. iTunes release date was late August 11, 2014. It partly aired on Windy City Live on the 12th. Ryan’s proceeds from the iTunes purchases will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There were a lot of really nice, really cool people in this project. Ryan thanked Robert Feder for an article he wrote that sums things up really well. I feel honored to lend a small hand in this. Thank you very much, Ryan. ~~ Mark Hebert    (ps Anthony Adams totally cracks me up).


Ryan Chiaverini, writer, vocals and acoustic guitar
Robbie Gold, vocals and acoustic guitar
Mark DeCarlo, harmonica
Ryan T McGuire, drums & vocals
Luis Svitek, electric guitar & leads
Troy Gourley, bass
Mark Anthony Hebert, keyboards & vocals

Recorded at Studio Ten23 (and the musician’s individual studios)
Mixed by Ryan T McGuire on Wuli Records
Mastered in Nashville by Jason Moncivaiz of Reform The Resistance and Colorsonic Sound
Tyler Furlan, editor/camera
Danny Gerhardt, photographer
Eugene Hahm, photographer
Nick Stoianof Visuals, photographer

Click here for the iTunes link


Robbie1 RCboat

Band Shot with Ernie BanksChicago Group Shot10377597_10203586411995210_2043972316418735649_n

WCL Studio Angle2

Thank you Ryan and Ryan for having me lend a small hand in a great project. I thoroughly enjoyed it ~~ MH

Scharastocktonrussell Frank Russell, Larry Schara & Norm Stockton

Mark Anthony Hebert

MH 090113 mh rig 1 MH Mike Jones Eddington_MH Eddington_Tomek   Ted and Crew Band Pass GFunk 090113 1256494_10201392612911604_1772413176_n


Marek 1

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Mark Anthony Hebert
Mark Anthony Hebert

Three Piece Suit could be called straightforward audio production company. Larry Schara is at the helm there. The industry recognizes his limitless depth including years of prominent recording studio design and construction,his guitar work with the James Gang and everyone, and nine Grammy nominated projects for engineering mixing and mastering. But there’s more to it.

marcus_labelThreepiecesuit is whole project management. Along with our group comes a substantial network of people, companies and venues who coordinate every aspect of audio and stage production, musicality, studio work, financing, and artist management. Larry owns Schara Marketing Group and reviews CDs for The Chicago Blues Guide.

Mark Hebert is a theorist, a multi-instrumental scholarship winner from the Montreux Jazz Festival on piano and trombone studying at Henry Ford, Wayne State University, and University of Detroit Marygrove.

Mark moved from Detroit to Chicago in the early eighty’s and managed the keyboard department of the 95th Street Guitar Center under then managers Larry Schara and Larry Eck both of whom had crazy accomplishments like running sound for Chic Corea at the Park West and just a ton of crazy great stuff. At the time of the hiring interview Mark wasn’t aware of Guitar Center’s style and arrived in a three piece suit, and of course all the other rocker staff surrounded him chuckling at the suit. Everyone’s just standing there laughing and Larry Schara comes out in jeans, and a tie dye tee with his hair almost down to his waste, “Can you sell?” Mark recited five steps to a sale. Larry asked, “And what’s the most important one?” Mark responded. Larry hired him.

Mark learned that the math in music theory was very close to technical analysis in the markets and economic theory. He shifted detailed focus on the mathematical similarities there. He held seats at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, and London International Financial Futures Exchange. He set up a technical analysis operations on the CME floor, and several arbitrage operations including a few from the LIFFE side during the British Banking Deregulation. Mark sat the CME Education Committee, Floor Communications Committee and Liaison, Pit Committee, Arbitration Committee, Disaster Recovery Committee. voxbox_big Mark was a guest speaker at the London School of Economics on Technical Analysis in 1987, and has been a licensed banker in Chicago since 2008. A substantial change in circumstances altered the original business intention of Three Piece Suit Production Company since around 2001 and it has never recovered as a business itself, but Mark remains even more philanthropic then ever.

As it happens, Mark, Ryan McGuire and Jimmy Place all first met on the CME Floor discovering they had more in common than trading. The McGuire brothers were all there. Craig OGIE Porazinski, Mark Swainbank, the Bailey brothers, Jim and Rob Bonaccorsi brothers of the Freddy Jones Band were all also at the CME. The Alumni. Then Mark finds out Ryan is partners with Louis Svitek and they’re producing Lee DeWyze. Life is just crazy good.

In 1997, Larry and Mark created Three Piece Suit Production Company and Eileysongs Publishing. At the time of the formation Mark asked Larry what he wanted to name the companies. Larry chose Three Piece Suit for the Guitar Center story, and Eileysongs in loving memory of Eiley Rose Schara. It’s now 2013 and everyone’s still rolling.

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marcus label III_1

~ Services ~

Whole Project Management

Equipment -Started in 2009 the Schara Marketing Group has quickly become one of the leading Rep firms for higher end guitar, bass and synth products. Specializing in these products we can bring you the latest in fine instruments covering most of the US from the Rockies to the Eastern Seaboard and the South.

Studio Consulting – We design, build, and fully gear recording studios from scratch, or retrofit an existing studio.

Audio Production, Session Musicians, Writers and Arrangers – We have a number of choices for any lxt2project you have in mind. If you’ve got a musical piece, or collection of piece and you need recording, mixing and mastering, we do that. If you have an “idea” for a piece(s) and you need help developing it first as in writing parts and arranging, session musicians, we do all that really well. We have written, scored and created soundtracks for musicals with just a reckless solo vocal recording and the lyric sheet. We can make any of that sound any style you want from every type of jazz to every type of pop.

Coaching – We can be your vocals coach or instrumentalist coach. This is a critical and extremely helpful service because the end result audio image is set at the very foundation. Within our group we’re talking about approximately 150 combined years of University Level music education plus real life experiences of recording studios, auditoriums and running sound for people like Chic Corea at the Park West. We have that sort of experience at your beckon call. We have a tech who all he does is mikes pianos, he does nothing else but mike pianos. Think about that. If you want a real Hammond B3 with Leslie on your recording we know where the best room and organ combination for that is. So, if you’re a singer or instrumentalist trying to get your best foot forward get all that experience and coaching right here. Don’t waste your shot. To put things in perspective, when Larry and Mark started TPS we wouldn’t take less than an 8 artist and make them a 10. Click Here for The Seven Aspects of Musicality.

We have been working closely with Ryan McGuire and Louis Svitek at WULI Records, and with James Place at MaxSound and Liquid Spins.


Call or email for a consultation on your project.

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A Passion for Jazz



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  1. That was a nice thing to say, thank you. Education is key, and very often experience is the best teacher. People enjoy working with us for the education and pure enjoyment of the music world. Everyone wins.

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